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Spiritual Guide & Transpersonal Coach.

Self-Discovery Through Esoteric and Divination Tools

Standing at a crossroad? Let's move you into action.


Meet Adrien

Adrien Mastrosimone, a Spritual Guide and Transpersonal Coach, blends Tarot, Astrology, Esoteric philosophy to guide you through self-discovery and empowerment.
Studied the Tarot since his teenage years  and skilled in Western Esotericism, he offers insightful Natal chart analysis, personalized coaching, and transformative workshops.
His unique workshops "Dancing the Tarot" fuses Tarot, Systemic constellation, embodiment coaching and spiritual guidance, aiding clients in unlocking personal power and clarity. Based in Vienna, Adrien's expertise illuminates paths to spiritual growth and self-understanding.


Janey, London

"I find your honesty and clarity to be incredibly helpful. You are a natural teacher; making what is occult (hidden) more visible.

I would never say it is easy, but having you present makes the journey less overwhelming.

Your sense of humour, and direct nature makes it safe to look closely at not only technique but personal influencers on the reading."

Mateo, Vienna

"I liked that sessions had a clear beginning and end, which created a sense of accomplishment.


It is a great way to feel and/or measure progress and growth.


I also liked incorporating interactive exercises that encouraged my active participation."

David, London

I would definitely recommend Adrien’s courses, as he most certainly knows his stuff.


They’re fun, lighthearted and along with being structured, educational, and challenging. I always feel like it’s money well spent. 

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