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Workshop & Online Courses

Discover the transformative world of Tarot, Astrology, and personal growth with Adrien Mastrosimone's engaging workshops and online courses, presented in collaboration with Treadwell's, London's premier destination for esoteric learning.


Whether you choose to join us in person at Treadwell's, or participate online, each session is an enriching journey into mystical wisdom, tailored to inspire and empower seekers of all levels.


Embrace this opportunity to explore ancient arts in a modern setting, guided by Adrien's expertise and passion.


Dancing the Tarot - In-person 2 day Intensive Workshop

Very limited spaces for a 2-day experiential workshop with Adrien Mastrosimone, exploring the tarot through embodied working. Runs 17th and 18th February

Tarot Spreads, Tarot Reading - Four-week Course

Adrien Mastrosimone's 4-week online course is for tarot learners with some knowledge who want to accelerate their reading skills. Runs 21st, 28th Feb, 6th, 13th March

Symbolism and Archetypes.jpg

Learn Marseille Tarot - 4-week Course on Minor Cards

Adrien Mastrosimone teaches the meanings of Marseille tarot's minor cards, and how to read with them. Taught on January 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

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