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Dancing the Tarot

When Tarot meets somatic healing and systemic family constellation.


Dancing the Tarot is an intensive workshop.
Adrien created a new way too approach tarot reading and learning. Through meditations, movements and techniques to physically embody the cards, you can build a genuinely personal connection to them. This allows you to free yourself from learning the cards by heart but allows you to become them and gain a depth of understanding never experienced before. YOU embody the archetypes.
The day also includes a technique that merges tarot reading and systemic constellation as a groundbreaking way to be coached by Adrien.


What to expect:

  • Guided meditations to help you understand the cards.

  • Channeling the archetypes of the cards to receive and give messages.

  • A means of physically delving into the card images so the meanings arise naturally (without needing to lean on traditional card definitions)

  • Understanding how to link the cards in an organic way.

  • Methods to move beyond the intellect and drop into the body so you can ‘see’ the situation from multiple sides.

  • An introduction to the Systemic Constellations method, bringing extra depth and creativity to tarot readings.

  • The opportunity to be coached on a personal issue by Adrien using the tarot/Systemic Constellations method, giving you meaningful guidance on how to move forward.

  • (If you’re a tarot beginner) A strong foundational understanding of tarot’s purpose and holistic potential, so you can avoid dependence on rote-learning from the start.

  • (If you’re an experienced reader) A novel way of seeing the cards and an advanced new reading technique, adding a highly original dimension to your interpretation.



'I find your honesty and clarity to be incredibly helpful. You are a natural teacher, making what is occult (hidden) more visable.' (Janey)


‘The tarot family constellations were definitely the highlight of my weekend … the in-person classes are on another level … It’s not until a couple of days later when everything lands that I realise just how much I’ve learned.’ (David)


'Adrien is a caring and insightful life coach who helped me to identify pain-points of my everyday life and enabled me to lead a more relaxing life, one step at a time' (Mateo)



The first part of both days will focus on physically invoking and evoking the archetypes of selected tarot cards. Adrien will provide full guidance on how to do this and there will be plenty of time to practice, later adding layers of complexity as you ‘meet’ other cards.


In the second part, Adrien will lead the participants through the combination of tarot reading with the Systemic Constellations technique. In this method, all the ‘representatives’ in a situation are identified and worked with holistically to find a resolution. This is also when the issue holders will have the chance to be coached by Adrien.


Expect to be stirred, challenged and moved on a soul level.

It is also recommended to bring your tarot deck if you use one but it is not essential.


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