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Transpersonal growth through Tarot and Esoteric disciplines

Understanding the Basics of Tarot

A tarot deck is composed of 78 cards. This deck of cards can be divided into two major sections: the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards). The Majors carry names such as the Magician, the Empress, the Star, the Chariot, and so on. The Minors have 4 suits (wands, cups, swords and coins) and are numeric from 1 to 10 with 4 court cards in each suits (page, knight, queen and king). An Arcana is a card, an image, and each can give way to many interpretations. What makes it fascinating is that the combination of different cards create an infinite amount of possible meanings. They are like words forming sentences. Each arcana alone or with its different associations can offer insights to any situation, a prediction or can also reflect our hidden fears and desires. Tarot allows us to reach the Occult, the hidden knowledge.

How Tarot Connects with Astrology.

Tarot has gone through great development in the past couple hundred years. Some of the major thoughts were to synthesize other divination techniques with Tarot, astrology being one of them. All tarot cards are connected to an astrological counterpart. Each Major Arcana is associated with a Zodiac sign, a planet or an element and each of the Minor is associated with a decan. In astrology, a decan is the subdivision of a zodiac sign. In order to give fuller interpretation to the signs, ancient astrologers subdivided each sign into periods of approximately ten days. We can see here how two different esoteric techniques can work really well together and yield further information, insights and deeper interpretation.

How Tarot Connects with Kabbalah.

Similarly to Astrology, some great thinkers have also connected Tarot to Kabbalah. At the heart of Kabbalah, we find the Tree of Life, a diagram which helps us grasp the meaning and function of the universe. This diagram is composed of 10 Sephiroth (spheres of emanation) and 22 paths connecting each Sephirah. The 10 sephiroth are associated to the numeric cards from 1 to 10 and the 22 paths, to the major arcana which in turns are also connected to the 22 letters of the hebraic alphabet.

Esoteric knowledge in Tarot

Tarot is packed with symbolism and hidden messages. It can take many life times to understand this Esoteric knowledge. It is carefully weaved through the imagery inside the deck. One can read the cards by simply looking at the images but to understand the messages these symbols invoke, is to enrich and deepen the interpretation of a tarot consultation. This ancient wisdom opens up new dimensions of understanding, connecting the individuals to the larger cosmic forces.

Empowerment through Tarot Reading

One of the great modern practice of Tarot is to help empower oneself. There is a misconception that tarot is only for Fortune-telling and therefore one can end up reading the cards in a fatalistic way. This is a very outdated approach to this art. Tarot gives knowledge. With Knowledge comes options. When one knows, one can make decisions on which direction to take. Whether the ability to influence the course of a prediction is present or not, there is still the possibility to brace oneself for what is to come. An appropriate analogy here would be, as if driving and receiving news of an accident on the road through the GPS. Either we can take a different route or simply brace ourselves to be patient and to slow down to not create further problem. In this case we are empowered because through knowledge, we have agency. The decision becomes ours. By reading Tarot, we become responsible and in charge of our present and future. We become empowered.

Using Tarot for Spiritual Growth and Clarity

Tarot is a spiritual system in itself. Using this tool allows us to ‘see’ what we can’t with our physical eyes. It allows us to communicate with the spirit world. Many definitions have been given to the words spirit and spirituality. For now, let’s say that it is the unseen. Through tarot, we are able to understand the unseen. We are able to connect to the spirit world which allows us to keep stepping in the desired direction. We are able to gain clarity like having sign posts on the road. Tarot is a very valuable tool towards spiritual growth and enlightenment. Each reading provides clarity where darkness resides. They act as a lamp post shining light on your path step by step.

In the same fashion, Tarot helps us connect with our inner self. Introspection and self development are also great reasons to be using this tool. It works as a mirror of the soul or any situation that we wish to understand better.

In moments of uncertainty, Tarot cards offer clarity and guidance. They provide a reflective surface to view our situations more objectively, helping to navigate through life’s complexities with greater insight and understanding.

How to Connect with Your Intuition

Studying and practicing the art of Tarot helps develop the intuition. The many symbols found in the deck provide the necessary bridge for the mind to successfully connect to the intuition. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this applies to the art of Tarot reading. Combined with regular meditation and exercises, it can completely change our way of perceiving the world around us. Subtle energies become more obvious.

Deepening Spiritual Growth with Tarot

Applying Jungian Psychology Principles to Tarot Cards

The Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, was known to use the 22 major arcana with some of his patients. With its emphasis on the collective unconscious and archetypes, Jungian psychology gives us an added layer to modern tarot readings. It offers a framework for understanding the symbolic language of tarot cards in the context of one’s psychological development. Tarot archetypes represent universal themes and experiences in human life. Understanding these archetypes can provide deeper insights into one’s behavior patterns and life choices, offering avenues for personal transformation. Carl Jung never wrote anything on tarot, however, after his death, many authors went on to develop this area of cartomancy. Archetypes are now widely accepted amongst tarot readers.

Using Tarot for Shadow Work and Personal Growth

Tarot is also very valuable in shadow work. It brings to light the unseen aspects of the psyche. It encourages individuals to confront and integrate their shadows, fostering personal growth and self-acceptance. It allows us to see the blind spots. Tarot acts as the side mirror of a car. With its usage, we can find ways to integrate opposite sides of our psyche and make peace with our own contradictions.

Embracing the Transpersonal Approach to Tarot Reading

Coaching and Transpersonal coaching

The international coaching federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. This collaboration is a an exchange between the coach and the client. The main difference between coaching and mentoring, is that the coaching sessions are usually based on asking questions to the client to help them stimulate thoughts and eureka moments. We are now able to find coaches that specialize in different areas of life such as business coach, relationship coach, life coach and so on. Transpersonal coaching aims at developing the spiritual intelligence. As the name suggests, it transcends the persona, the ego and takes a more holistic approach. When the coach helps create movement and growth on a plane beyond the limitation of the ego, we can see development and change at the core of the client. The whole benefits. The client gets stronger and more empowered and is able to tackle different aspects of life.

Integrating Transpersonal Coaching with Tarot Interpretations

Tarot has been used for centuries as a great fortune telling tool. It is also a gateway to spiritual exploration. It offers a unique perspective on life’s existential questions, aiding in the exploration of deeper spiritual truths and the understanding of one’s place in the universe. As we seen above, tarot is a tool for spiritual growth, empowerment, introspection, reflection and even psychological help. With this in mind, one can see how Tarot can be extremely valuable for a coach. Combining tarot and coaching, offers a depth of information unseen before. Transpersonal coaching, when paired with tarot reading, provides clarity and direction, in spiritual as well as everyday matters. It helps individuals align with their true purpose and embrace their spiritual journey with confidence. It allows both people in a session to go way beyond the limits of the ego. Understanding what the ego is trying to veil from us is essential in this process. This is where we touch onto transpersonal coaching. With the aid of tarot and astrology, we can access levels of understanding previously untouchable solely with coaching or mentoring. It provides a holistic approach to coaching and moves the client on a soul level, not just on the mind level.

The Intersection of Tarot, Astrology, Esoteric Studies, and Transpersonal Coaching

The convergence of Tarot, Astrology, Esoteric studies, and Transpersonal coaching offers a comprehensive path for self-discovery and development. It weaves together the threads of ancient wisdom, psychological understanding, and spiritual insight. When each discipline is understood individually, one can see how they act as pillars to aid the individual develop and gain knowledge on the self. These different subjects help go beyond the mind and the ego. They allow the soul to move and expand, this in turn create a ripple effect into one’s everyday life. This provide a blue print for a more authentic way of experiencing life itself.


The art of Tarot reading, enriched by the depth of astrology, Kabbalah and transpersonal coaching, offers a multifaceted tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth. In a world seeking deeper meaning and connection, Tarot stands as a beacon of insight and empowerment. As we continue to navigate the complexities of life, the wisdom of Tarot, coupled with the guidance of skilled practitioners, promises to illuminate our paths with clarity and purpose.

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